HRM at the 6km Mark?

As planned we departed our hotel in Surin Beach and headed over to Richard’s villa to start our first ride in Phuket.  The ride was going to be around 140km and would take us to Phang Nha Bay, James Bond Island and a few other places.  We started to roll out at 5:30am and arrived at Richard’s placea around 6am.  Next we would head over the Laguna Hills to meet the rest of the guys who were staying in Nai Thon Beach. The Laguna Hills are very steep and there were five of them to climb before reaching the guys at Nai Thon Beach.  So it was early in the morning and our bodies were just waking up when all of a sudden we hit the first hills and almost immediately my heartrate sky rocketed as they steep inclines hit us so early in the ride.  Some of the hills were in excess of 20% gradient (which is steep and hard) and by the time we reached Nai Thon we were all huffing and puffing (well I was for sure).  We did one more killer hill on the way out of Nai Thon Beach and headed down the 402 to the Phang Nha Bay loop.  This part of the ride was much flatter and that was nice given that it was starting to get very hot!   Day 1 Ride
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