Phuket Cycling Trip – Day 1



We arrived in Phuket late on Thursday evening for a three day cycling trip.  It was only a month ago that we were visiting Phuket and we noticed the hilly terrain and decent road quality so we decided to book a cycling trip there as soon as possible. With the Easter holiday we decided it was the perfect time. Arrived at the hotel around 9:30pm and Kim had already upgraded our room as the first one they had picked for us sucked.  I quickly put my bike together and then we headed out for a nice dinner at Catch Restaurant on Bang Tao Beach.  Early to bed for our first ride on Friday morning.  We would be meeting up with Richard who was also in Phuket and has been training for Ironman races in China and Japan.  Since we were starting at 6am we all went to bed early to make sure we had energy to climb the big Laguna Hills. We had eight riders lined up for the 140km ride: Jeanette, Kelly, Lee, Damian, Gareth, Winston, Richard and I. 

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