Italy 2009!

P7180758 We landed early Saturday morning in Milan and from the very start the day was hectic.  The first stop was the road side gas station where we stopped for ‘the best sandwiches in the world’ according to Kim.  The sandwiches were very good but not nearly as nice as the caprisi sandwiches we had last time.   After our sandwiches we drove more than three hours to get to Treviso where we had to pick up our race packs for the Pinarello Gran Fondo race which was early Sunday morning.  After realizing that the gran fondo race was taking place during our trip to Italy both Kim and I signed up.  A gran fondo race is typically a fun race……so I thought.  Kim signed up for the 138km race and I opted for the 205km race figuring I would put my AUDAX long distance riding skills to the test.  We arrived in Treviso around 11am and of course Matteo our driver had no idea where to go to get the race packs.  After a few stops to find the directions we managed to find the place and picked up the race packs.  Race packs are bags of free stuff with a number you attach to your bike and to your jersey for the race.  Also included is a timing chip which you strap around your ankle to figure out how long it took you to do the race.  After getting our race packs we decided to check out the Pinarello store which was busy given that many riders who had come from various parts of Italy and the world who were doing the same thing. Once again (we came here last year) Giovanni Pinarello was at the store and greeting customers and hanging out with the riders.   We looked around and bought a few small things and then headed back out to start the hour long drive to the Italian Cycling Center.

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