Almond Cookie Ride


Awesome ride today.  Lots of climbing and a fun descent which is pictured above.  Today we did a magical climb in Marostica as part of what is called the Almond Cookie Ride.  We tried this ride last year however we never managed to finish as one of the guys disappeared and we had to go look for him.  This year we were determined to go and get some cookies.  


Start of the Climb – Marositica

We are here at the Italian Cycling Center with our friends Andrew and Lucinda.  The day before this ride I described the climb as relatively easy with gradients of 5-7 percent.  Since we all live in flat Singapore it is sometimes tough to get practice climbing.   When we arrived I noticed that the gradients were hitting 10-11 percent and was wondering if anybody was cursing me for my somewhat inaccurate description of the climb in my ride summary the day before….reminded me of a recent experience in Bintan Indonesia : )

P7210851This year we did not lose anybody which means we made it up the approximately 14km climb for some some almond cookies.  We ate these up pretty quickly and then started down a descent of 17km into Bassano. Bassano is 10km from the ICC where we are staying and a very beautiful place. 







We crossed this old bridge on our way to the Lake Ride. 

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