Memories of the Gran Fondo

Now that I have had some time to recover I thought about how great the Pinarello Gran Fondo was.  I came in 1066th place which is not too bad….I guess.  As I mentioned before this was much tougher than I expected.  When we started yesterday’s ride I noticed my saddle bag was of the casualties of the bumpy ride.  Good thing I did not have any flats I guess.  I did remember hearing some things bouncing around on some bumpy descents however I was too focused on staying upright to check anything out.  The other thing that was interesting was the funny feeling I had in my ankle at kilometre 120.  I was on a descent and it felt like my ankle was on fire….now normally your ankles don’t catch on fire but I was wearing an electronic race trip which is used to measure the amount of time it takes to do the race.  Anyhow I quickly glanced down to ensure my burning ankle was not burning my Prince of Spain bike and noticed (with relief) that I was not on fire but was under attack by a bumble bee.  Too afraid to remove my hands from the handlebars I had to sit patiently flying down this hill while the bee proceeded to sting me.  It hurt and actually still hurts as my ankle has swollen which makes for tough riding.



Kim before the Pinrello Gran Fondo








Kim after the Pinarello Gran Fondo

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