Kim Conquers Passo Rolle


Today was Passo Rolle day.  A great 26km climb in the Dolomites mountain range in Italy and one of the most scenic places I have seen.   We did this climb last year however Kim did not go on this ride.  Today she gave it a try and managed to finish it with only a few stops along the way.  This was much more challenging than I remembered the climb but the sheer beauty of this place is amazing.   This climb was also featured in this years Tour of Italy (Giro d’Italia) and pros like Lance Armstrong did this climb in May of this year. (albeit slightly faster than our group)


Andrew did a great job tackling the climb without stopping.  This was great given that my review of the ride the night before mentioned gradients of 6-8 percent but today I realized there were a number of sections hitting 15-17%.  Despite my miscalculations (think Bintan and Pinarello Gran Fondo and now today) he climbed to the top without a stop.  I did stop for a cappuccino and to take in some scenery (which is ok as I did this ride last year without stopping : )  Andrew was the only soul to brave the descent as we were all too lazy to do it 🙂 


Kim’s celebratory hug for making the climb.


My bike at the cappuccino stop


Climbing up to Passo Rolle


In Borso del Grappo before we head to the Dolomites



Once again this was the best day of the trip so far.   We arrived back to the Italian Cycling Center and put our bikes away given we begin our voyage back to Singapore tomorrow morning.  It was a great trip but maybe a bit on the short side.   Guess we are back on Mt. Faber and Mandai Road starting on Sunday.

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