Day 4 – Civilized Coffee in Myrtleford – Home of Renowned Cyclist Britt Kneebone


We had already been to Myrtleford to visit a friend’s parents who live there. It is a small town of probably only 3000 people and a very nice place. We saddled up for the ride into Myrtleford which would be a 60km round trip recovery ride after all the days of climbing. Anxiety levels were down and I was looking forward to not eating any power bars, power gels, or power anything after three days of over powering!

On the way back from Myrtleford we were blessed with a strong tailwind which carried us at almost 40km/hour the whole way.

Packed up the bike and then headed for Melbourne Airport where I would stay for one night before flying home to Singapore.

This training camp was excellent. I learned a lot of new things about training zones, and met some great people and fellow cycling enthusiasts along the way. As I type this I still feel the burning in my legs so I am sure that is a good thing. The support riders and overall organization of the Bright Boot Camp were excellent.

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