From Myrtleford to Singapore – What a difference!


I guess the thing that struck me the most was how small this place called Myrtleford was.  Now being Canadian I fully have seen many small villages and rural communities.  It is amazing the contrast between rural Myrtleford and a  thriving metropolis like Singapore.  Now that in itself is not that spectacular however we have a friend from Myrtleford who we cycle with in Singapore.  When we told Britt that we were going to Bright she recounted memories of the places she used to work in the surrounding areas. It really is a beautiful part of Australia for sure and if you like cycling you will find many great rides there.  Unfotunately Britt could not come with us on this trip however we did manage to meet her parents and a few friends of hers in the local pub.  

Britt’s parents are lovely and it was great to visit them.  As soon as we met them we knew why Britt was such a nice gal.  We also understood why Britt is so good climbing those hills….it is because she lived on the top of a big hill with at least 7-8% gradients!  More to come on Britt’s cycling stories later….

Hugh and Jayne were great.  We managed to collect a few stories about Britt growing up to share with the peleton back in Singapore.  We had a nice visit with them and hope to see them sometime in Singapore or on the next training camp.  On our way out of Australia we were able to get some great local beef to bring back to Singapore. Britt’s dad Hugh chose an awesome piece of beef at the local grocer and having sampled it last night at home I can say it is the best I have ever had.  Thanks Hugh for taking the time to get that for us!


Andrew, Jayne, Hugh and I – we all wished Britt was there.


Here is Britt at 445am at SOI….fancy gloves.

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